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Nautical Flags as Decor

We love the look of vintage nautical flags used as wall decor. They are a relatively inexpensive, but unique way to add some flair to your walls.

Frame them or just string ‘em up and hang ‘em. Either way, they are chic and cheap art.

And luck you, we’ve freshly stocked our site with some options for you to check out.

These babies are a steal at $30 a pop, but you can like our facebook page to find out how to score an extra 25% off through November 26. 

25% off Shopearlybird.com

Hi Friends! Please take a moment to like our facebook page. We’re going to be offering 25% off the site all day on November 26 (Cyber Monday). The only catch is that we’re only announcing the discount code on our facebook page Sunday night because we’re sneaky like that.

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Happy (black) Friday!

Weekend Treasure Hunting

We were truly a couple of early birds and rose before the sun on Saturday to hit up an estate sale that promised to be the kind where there is lots of stuff but hunting through some junk is certain to yield some treasures (aka our very favorite kind of estate sales). Check out the goods!

We love anything blue and white and by the fact that ALL of our ginger jars have sold from the website it appears you guys do too. This happiness jar (center) is coming to the website this week and the planters on either side of it are already for sale at the booth and $35 each. 

We are obsessed with this vintage kilim runner. It’s actually bordered in navy blue and has complimentary shades of turquoise, cream, coral and brown. LOVE! It’s about 8 or 9 feet long and currently available in the booth for $65.

How We Craigslist

Craigslist is basically the website incarnate of the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Goodness abounds there, y’all. But maybe someone else’s trash is also your trash so clicking through link after link only to find out that velvet tufted settee you got your hopes up on was obviously the previous owner’s cat’s scratching pad can get tedious.

I wish that Craigslist was a little easier to search through (and that you could look at more than one city’s Craigslist at time), and I also wish that there was a little picture next to the posting (ala ebay) so that you didn’t have to click through to see the photos. But, Craigslist is free to peruse and to list stuff on, so one can’t complain too much I suppose.

Fortunately, someone much smarter than us Early Birds came up with the answer to our wishes, and we’re sharing them with you!

  1.  Search Tempest. This site allows you to select a search radius when you type in a phrase and then groups the listings by city/town. So, for example, if you’re willing to travel up to 100 miles you can see all the relevant listings that fall within your search radius. Genius!
  2.  Craigseasy – This is a new-to-us site which is like the staples easy button for Craigslist. You simply drag the widget into your toolbar; go to your preferred Craigslist and perform a search; hit the easy button and voila! Your regular Craigslist posts are magically converted into links with pictures for easy scrolling and clicking. Amazing.

That’s what we’re using these days. How do you search the Craigslist?

We’ve got furniture!

We spent our entire Saturday in Charlotte picking up some really great furniture we scored from a living estate a few weeks ago. You guys, this stuff is AWESOME and our booth can’t even hold everything we got. We’ll restock as stuff sells (fingers crossed), but for now, here’s where we are at:


The booth is a mixture of some fabulous chinoiserie pieces as well as some traditional American elements. Keep reading for details.
This little side table features bamboo-style legs and a great chinoiserie painting. It is protected by a custom cut piece of glass.


Next to this side table are two vintage arm chairs made by the Hickory Furniture Company. They were originally part of a whole dining room set (which is available if interested) and are custom made with virgin leather and nailhead trim. These chairs are solid and so, so comfortable!  Even though they were designed as dining chairs, I’d probably use one or two as an occasional chair tucked in a corner of a room.



We snagged a whole suite of vintage Dixie brand chinoiserie bedroom furniture. The set feature painted drawers and cabinets, really unique brass hardware and make sure to take note of the brass footings! LOVE!
We’re splitting the set up because all together, it can be a little too much Asian-influence, but one of these pieces in a room adds great depth and interest.
This dresser can do double duty as a sideboard in a dining room.  The lamps, horn and vintage nautical flag are also for sale. 


The armoire would be fantastic in a bedroom with limited closet space or in a family room to hold your television and games.
(Those two brass pineapples are also for sale in the booth, and we’ve got one more available online here.)
And of course, we’ve got a night stand and a headboard  to complete the set. We are also ob-sessed with this blue and white umbrella stand!


All furniture is available for sale at our booth located in the Cheshire Cat Gallery in Raleigh, NC.

Address: 2050 Clark Avenue  Raleigh, NC 27605

Setting up the Booth

We spent last night after work at the Cheshire Cat Gallery (in Cameron Village). Getting our booth space ready. We are on a budget, but want it to look nice, so we hung some simple white curtains to act as a partition between our booth and the ones around us.

And let’s not forget the muscle behind this operation.

Next step: add furniture. Which, if all goes according to plan, should happen this weekend! All furniture will be available for local purchase/pick-up and/or delivery but we’ll have info on the website so you can virtually shop before you go.

Scoping out the booth space which is basically that big empty area you see. We need to add some partitions. 

And some inventory.

Scoping out the booth space which is basically that big empty area you see. We need to add some partitions.

And some inventory.